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Current Residence: the Netherlands
Favourite style of art: Vector Art/ 3D Models
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition/ Mac OSX 10.5.4 Leopard
MP3 player of choice: a nice one, duh o.o
Shell of choice: the sea-shell kind
Wallpaper of choice: MINE! =K
Favourite cartoon character: Tough one... Sackboy? xD
Personal Quote: Money doesn't grow on trees, pizza does! =D
Taken from:iconaquabluu:

Quick note: I edited it a bit so I could do Senshi and Mitsumi in one go. =P

1. Pick one of your OCs, perferably your main.

Senshi and Mitsumi.

You start off with 20 points. Take off 1 point for each box you fill in with an 'x'. Senshi will be marked with X and Mitsumi with O.

Part One: Appearence/Relationships
Your OC has Sonic's, Shadow's, or Amy's quills or bangs [ ]

Your OC has any clothing similar to the official characters [ ]
(I don't even know how to dress Senshi yet xD)

Your OC is in love with any of the official characters [O]
(crush-thing, does that count?)

Your OC is best friends with any of the official characters [XO]
(Both are, my story revolved around other manga universes.. xD)

Your OC is related to any official characters [ ]
(not family-wise, no)

Total points remaining Senshi: 19
Total points remaining Mitsumi: 18

Part Two: Attitude
Your OC is a very angst character who dwells on the past a lot [X]
(not really angsty though..)

Your OC is ALWAYS hyper and over obsessive [ ]

Your OC has no exact personality, and always switches moods [ ]

Your OC's personality is similar to any official character [XO]
(duuh.. ANY official character? Not sure who, but I'm sure of it..)

Your OC has no personality and is very bland [ ]

Total points remaining Senshi: 17
Total points remaining Mitsumi: 17

Part Three: Background Story
Your OC's parents have tragically been killed [ ]
(Maybe... but not tragically >.>;)

Your OC has a demon and angel form [ ]

Your OC killed their parents in a blind rage [ ]
(*adds this to the story* ... Naaaah xD)

Someone in your OC's family was killed or died [ ]

Your OC grew up with any official character/lived with them [ ]
(You stop growing up at age 14 or so, right? xD)

Total points remaining Senshi: 17
Total points remaining Mitsumi: 17

Part Four: Powers/Abilities/Weaknesses
Your OC can heal ANY wound [O]
(After a looooot of chapters, probably xD)

Your OC can bring people back from the dead [ ]

Your OC can do magic [ ]
(Define magic..)

Your OC has more than two elemental powers (fire, water, etc.) [ ]

Your OC can fly without wings [XO]
(again, after quite some chapters, probably)

Total points remaining Senshi: 16
Total points remaining Mitsumi: 15

Part Five: Micellaneous
Your OC has been called 'too powerful' or 'god moddy' [ ]

Your OC can live FOREVER, like Shadow [ ]

Your OC has been called a recolor [ ]

Your OC is a hedgehog, fox, or echidna, or any combo of those [ ]

Your OC changes frequently [ ]

Total points remaining Senshi: 16
Total points remaining Mitsumi: 15

Take your total and times it by 5. That is the percent you got!

Senshi's Grade= 80%
Mitsumi's Grade= 75%

0-30% -- Consider revamping your character, PLEASE.
31-50% -- Pretty decent, but still not quite that original.
51-70% -- Fairly original character, a couple touchups and it's perfect ;3
((71-100% -- Awesome character all the way through! If you scored a bit lower, keep trying to get up to 90%!))

Well, for OCs from a story that REVOLVED COMPLETELY around existing manga, anime and game universes, I think they did pretty well xD

Also, this was originally not a tagging meme... But don't worry, I'll fix that! I tag:

And anyone else who wants to do this! =)
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: TMF
  • Reading: whatsthatnow?
  • Watching: TV + Computer screen.. xD
  • Playing: Prototype (and gonna try Crysis)
  • Eating: Gonna get a chicken curry sandwich soon =D
  • Drinking: Chocolate mil

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